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Events & Maison Violette

Do you think that parting can be green, floral and fun?

Here we listen to you and we stage your desires with creativity, lightness but we do not forget trust. Maison Violette can provide floral arrangements for all types of events (Birthday, Graduation, Bachelorette, Christmas, Midsommar, etc.)

We know that planning an event can be stressful, the good news? Our reliability will allow you to sleep soundly.

Image by Annie Spratt

Around the table

We create beautiful floral decorations to style your table for any special occasions, including brunch, dinner, and fika. Flowers are a great way to offer a truly unique and memorable feeling!

Seasonal party

We offer a seasonal party service that includes stunning flowers to embellish your memories. From a festive Christmas wreath to a beautiful Midsommar flower crown, we can create custom floral accessories and decorations to match any occasion. Let us help make your special event even more memorable with our unique flower arrangements and decorations.

Image by Valeria Bukina
Image by Brooke Lark

Life celebration

Our flower service offers the perfect way to celebrate life’s special moments, big and small. We can provide you with a customized bouquet to mark a special occasion, or help you create a stunning floral display at your event venue. Let us highlight the day with the beauty of flowers.


Are you looking for a fun and creative activity to spend quality time with friends, family, or colleagues!? We offer custom flower work shops!

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